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article  ·  Website  ·  by The Backyard Farmer  ·  Jun 9, 2020

I am so glad you are visiting The Backyard Farmer and I hope you'll choose to join our growing online community of backyard farmers. You may be wondering how you can participate on the website. Let me share some quick and tangible ways for you to be involved.

First, I hope you click on the Forum link above and choose to register a free account with us. By registering you will have access to participate in the discussion of all things gardening via forum threads and posts. We ask that you use your real name in the registration. We are building a community with common interest. Using our real names promotes honesty and common courtesy in the way we communicate with one another through the website.

You will also have the ability to upload, store and link to your photo gallery of images from your backyard farm or garden. Your Media images are stored in our forum Media section located here: https://forum.thebackyardfarme...

We will be producing articles and video segments on many different topics of interest to backyard farmers like us. When we post a video or article we will also welcome your feedback as well as tips and techniques from your expertise that you are willing to share with the community at large. This can be done in response to articles and videos but even more effectively in the topic based forums.

As we receive tips and techniques from our membership we will be looking for content that we can elevate to article status and produce with photos and video elements to benefit the membership. So if you are willing to document your experiences with gardening, beekeeping, chicken raising, aquaponics and more, we would love to share with our members.

By clicking on the Courses link on the homepage you will be able to participate in a survey to help us assess which in-depth video classes to produce and make available through

You can also help us expand our resources and our membership by promoting to your friends and family. So we hope you'll like us on Facebook and share information you find here on your social network.

There is so much that we have planned for the website and we can't wait to get started. Help us grow quickly by promoting us to your friends and family.

Let's grow together!